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Top Microsoft Certification courses for IT Professionals

Microsoft certificationIn the field of Information technology and computer sciences, Microsoft is a tycoon and a grand company. Microsoft’s operating systems (OS) are the most famous operating systems using by individuals and organizations for personal computers and servers. The graphics of Microsoft operating systems is on the way of better improvement with the advancement of artificial intelligence for the extraordinary output of different software and utilities. Microsoft is offering a lot of certifications in the field of information technology. The list goes from newbies to professionals and then to experts. We here will discuss top 10 Microsoft certifications for any IT professional that loves Microsoft products and want a bright career in Microsoft track.

Top Most Demanding Microsoft certification exams

  • Windows Server 2012

Windows server 2012 is also known as “Windows Server 8”. Windows server has built with many tremendous features to handle a server computer. Windows server 2012 consists of many enormous options that Microsoft wanted and was designing for very long time, and that also fulfills the requirement of this age. For example web and application platforms, enhanced virtualization capabilities, advanced management, more developed storage management etc. Following are very improved features that windows server 2012 has

  • Installation options
  • User interface
  • Task manager
  • IP address management
  • Active Directory
  • Hyper-V
  • ReFS (Resilient File System)
  • IIS 8.0
  • Scalability

You can get this Microsoft certificate to be a professional in the field of server management and many others and there are a lot of opportunities waiting ahead for those who are training for this Microsoft certification.

  • Windows Server 2008

With seven different versions, Microsoft “Windows Server 2008” is still a very famous and working Windows server operating system for server management. Windows server 2008 was built with the same kernel as of Microsoft Windows 7 i.e. “Windows NT 6.1”. For the very first time, Windows server 2008 was 64-bit, operating system (There was no 32-bit) by Microsoft. You can get any of Microsoft certification for Windows server 2008 i.e. for active directory, configuring networking infrastructure, server administrator, virtualization etc.

  • Windows 8

Windows 8 is an end-user operating system that Microsoft has changed very much as compared to the predecessors like Windows 7, Windows XP etc. The most remarkable change was GUI (Graphical User Interface) that almost changed everything regarding the graphical feature of Windows 8. Because of the new interface and features, there were some glitches but the overall reaction was positive as Windows 8 has touch screen features and improved security features. Microsoft certification for Windows 8 operating system will make you an associate and expert in Windows management tools and other tools and utilities of Microsoft Windows 8.

  • Windows 7

Windows 7 is also and end-user operating system for individual usage and is the part of “Windows NT” family of operating systems (OS). The main purpose of developing and designing Microsoft Windows 7 was to modify the bugs in the previous version of Microsoft Windows (i.e. Windows Vista). Windows 7 got better and better with the passage of time and it got more compatibility for hardware and software. After all the “Windows 7” operating system was a big achievement for Microsoft and it should so. For IT professionals who want to have a Windows 7 certificate, should consider to pass different certificate regarding Windows 7 (e.g. MCSA, Desktop Administrator, Desktop support technician) to get a complete Microsoft certification for Windows 7.

These are most famous and beneficial Microsoft certification that can lead you to a bright future. I have collected some of the information from Wikipedia to provide you the best information regarding Microsoft certification. Feel free to ask any kind of question and if you have a question regarding this article, please fill contact us form and you will get a response within no time.