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List of Free IT Courses and Where You Can Find Them

Free IT Courses
Free IT Courses Online

Rapid development and expansion in the field of information technology is encouraging and motivating graduates and students to improve their IT skills and for this they prefer taking free IT courses. When you talk about these courses, then the best thing available online is free courses. Those, who cannot afford or don’t want to spend much on these courses, they have the best option available in the comfort of their homes, as the internet is helping them in every way.

Free IT courses online

  1. Alison ABC IT-Computer Training Suit

This free online IT course is comprehensive enough to introduce the students with IT literacy. It is advance learning course. This course covers the areas of the basic concept of computing skills. Basically, it is helpful and easy for the beginners in the field of IT. To qualify for this course, completion of all the modules and taking scored off 80% or more is necessary. The basic outcome of taking this course is; you will understand the basic function of a computer system. Moreover, you will also learn safety and security of IT systems.

  1. Diploma in Web Design

This is considered to be an ideal course in website design. Those who always wanted to create their personal website but they didn’t know the basics of creating a website, for them, doing this course online for free cost would be a great option.

  1. 21 Days to Building a Web Business

This is a free online IT course by ALISON. This course covers all the basic skills, which are required for creating and setting up an online business.

  1. Diploma in Information Technology Management

This free course is comprehensive enough in explaining the candidates, the importance of the fact that managers must understand how actually IT influences the working of any modern business. The key areas that this course is going to review includes software, frameworks, information systems, communications, database and management of all the personals working in the business in accordance with the technology the business is relying on. The publisher of this course is known as Global Text Project. Once the student will complete this course, he/she will also be able to weigh the value of IT in modern workplaces.

  1. Fundamentals of Network Security

In order to know the security risks that your computer has, it is important to get IT security and cybersecurity training. This course helps in protecting the computer network security. The computer network of any modern business and communication technology is the central point. Threats to computer networks are always present in this age. This course will help you protecting your network. The topics covered in this course include passive and active attacks on a computer network, network encryption using of passwords for controlling the access, and use of firewalls. For all those, who want to become network or information technology administrator or IT professionals, who want to have a strong grip over network security, this course could be a great deal of help.

All of the above mentioned free IT courses are available online and you can take them with great ease.