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Top 5 Wireless Networking Certifications

wireless networkingIn IT (Information Technology) training courses, wireless networking considered as one of the necessary IT certification. Certifications in wireless networking are famous these days. In wireless networking, all electronic devices (operated by IPs) are configured wirelessly and they communicate with each other using wireless protocols like 802.11ac. Wireless networking got very popular after the invention of 4G (Fourth Generation) wide area network technologies like LTE.

While I was writing this article, it was very difficult to be precise about these top 5 certifications. I have collected this data from different discussion forums. I can say that, three major CISCO certificates are a “must” part of this article. For other 2 certificates, I wasn’t sure, so I visited some forums to complete my research. Consider this article one of the best researched about wireless networking certificate.

CCNA Wireless (CISCO Certified Network Associate Wireless)

CCNA wireless certification exam helps a network professional to learn about implementing, configuring and troubleshooting a wireless LAN. It mostly clears the area of CISCO devices only but the concepts we get, apply everywhere.  We understand the basic information about wireless networking after getting this certificate. Certification of CCENT, CCNA (Routing and Switching) or any kind of CCIE certification can open the way of CCNA Wireless.

CCNP Wireless (CISCO Certified Network Professional Wireless)

CCNP wireless certification exam is all about wireless LAN and different networks. CCNP wireless is for the training of applying security, implementation, designing and operation of wireless networks. It is the advanced level of CCNA wireless which allows professionals to take their skills to the next level of wireless networking configuration. It is the most important certification among all certifications.

CCIE Wireless (CISCO Certified Internetwork Engineer Wireless)

CCIE wireless certification is to get that level of knowledge where you can design a WLAN network by your own. A CCIE wireless certified guy will be able to understand three levels of understandings.  One is to have a complete theoretical knowledge about WLAN. Two is to have a solid practical grip of that knowledge. Three is to get some a solid experience of equipment using in this field. Simply in CCIE wireless, networking professionals use the expertise in all major aspects of WLAN technologies.

CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator)

CWNA certification is a very basic level of certification about wireless networking. By choosing this path, a network professional covers a list of topics that helps to enhance only the specific field of WLANs but also some other wireless fields. Some major areas that cover by this certificate are antenna concepts, radio technologies, WLAN security, wireless standards, and organizations etc. After this fundamental level certification, there are 3 more certification exams of this path.