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Information Technology Degree Program in MIT

Information technology degree in MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded in 1861 as a research university to develop the plans for industrialization in America. Information technology degree from MIT is a dream for every genius in the field of information technology. A very wide area equipped with a great research center is the cause of attraction. MIT contains a group of 1 College and 5 schools with different departments of engineering and physical science. Students from MIT have great entrepreneur skills and a great passion for doing what they are made for. In short, MIT is the best institute offering information technology degree in the world.

Information Technology Degree Program

The following table is describing some main facts about the information technology degree program in MIT. Graduate and master programs consist of Engineering degrees that relate to the information technology. In the case of Doctor in information technology degree from MIT, it is a complete degree program and you can have a look at that by visiting the official MIT website.

4 years for Graduate
2 years for Master

Annual (9 Months) America

*Please click on Ph.D. link to get all information about Ph.D. degree in MIT.

Fee Structure

This fee structure is for the undergraduate and graduate program. These are the approximations of the expenses that one should have in mind to go for the undergraduate and graduate program from MIT. There are a lot of ways to get financial aid to get your degree in information technology. MIT is the attention of many people and hence many organizations are funding to educate students so that they can utilize their potential in the coming future. I am also providing with the link that will help you with theĀ financial aid thing.

Average net price of an MIT education $40,023
Average need-based MIT scholarship $34,551
Average need-based financial aid award $42,007
undergraduate room and board $13,224
Books and personal expenses $2,790
Students awarded a need-based MIT scholarship 56%

Admission for Foreigners

Every year more than 4000 outstanding and bright international students apply for the admission in MIT that includes all departing along with information technology. Only 150 international students get lucky to be in MIT. If you want to have an Information technology degree from MIT, you should apply during the final year of high school. It is because citizens of United States also apply during that time. If you are interested to get admission in MIT, you first have to take some tests and to complete the application provided by MIT. After that, there will be some interviews and you will be notified about those interviews. That’s the whole procedure for foreigners to get admission in MIT for information technology degree.